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5 Business Lesson’s I have Learnt Along the Way

Being an entrepreneur, you learn many lessons along the way. These lessons can be of somewhat challenging or just simple changes. As the saying goes “you learn something new every day” and I can relate to this from my experience of being in business from a young age.

Whether you are a young entrepreneur or even a businessman or women, a business can be a very intimidating subject. Most of us gain our knowledge from school, books, sources online or even speaking with other professionals but there is a big difference in understanding business from being taught and gaining information from actual experiences.

Along the route of business, you’ll learn many lessons, but some will be more relevant than others.  I have listed 5 lessons that I have learned from, which may help you along the business path:

  1. Think practically – a great lesson I have learned is you can’t make the impossible happen. What you want to be done and ask to be done needs to be practical, you need the resources behind you to do the unthinkable, make sure you have got this in place.


  1. Communication is key – this can be the route of all evil or the route of all greatness. This is something that is used every day in business, but it is key to make sure everything is outlined and clear. Proactively communicating can prevent almost any problems, but communication can also help you resolve a situation efficiently.


  1. The right people – using the right people is a lesson I have recently learned, having the right people in the correct areas to achieve the targets that have been set, is very important. Putting staff in the correct places will open opportunities. Learning this early on in business will help you prevent time wasting on the wrong people. You’ll also recognise how valuable people are to your team.


  1. You will fail – at some point in your business career, you will fail. I used to find this quite hard to take on board, I never want to fail. But now I have learned that there is always a way to overcome these obstacles. No matter how much you prepare or know it’s going to happen, make it a lesson and something to improve on.


  1. You’ll learn something new every day – no matter how much you know or how much you think you may know, there will always be something to learn. There is always room for improvement on being a better entrepreneur or leader and as the days go on you learn more and more on how to do this.


The earlier you learn business lessons, the earlier you get to use them and put them in practice. You’ll never be perfect and its ok to forget or make mistakes sometimes, everyone does. These are the top 5 lessons I have learnt from my experience in business and I hope they have taught you something new.