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Letter to the 30-year-old me

So here it goes I’ve decided to write a letter (in a blog) to the 30-year-old me. In 9 years time, I will stumble across it to see if what I have written in the letter adds up or if it was completely different. However, I strive to achieve my dreams and hope this letter proves that.


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Dear Jordan,


I guess your reading this letter now as your 30! Hope you had a great birthday, wow the big 3 0… getting old now!


I would say I would have come a long way from being the 13-year-old boy who dropped out of school at 12 with no grades to my name but made an invention in the garden shed with my Grandad to now 30 years old running a global company that is a household name and a well-established brand internationally. A brand of products known by all for being the best products on the market since sliced bread for the solutions they solve. I’d be so proud to say that I have grown a business from such a young age and made it a great success. I would feel like a well-established entrepreneur with a proven track record that everyone takes seriously. It would have been a challenge growing = business to where it is now but something I would have preserved with and it would have worked well. I would love the fact that I would have proved people wrong with how far the business has come and me as a person.  

Now that you are 30 I guessed I’d be relaxing and enjoying a bit of downtime… however, when you’re running a global business and conquering the world it’s not that easy. My mind has always been on overload thinking what I can do next or how can it be done better and I don’t think that will ever stop. I now have a range of products that are a great success in their own right and the business just keeps growing and growing year on year. I would thrive on the achievement and would continue as always to push me harder to do something else/something new. I would have a strong structure within the business of staff in which will have been with me from the early stages and have developed with the business as its grown. When I was 21 Laura and I got engaged after a few years we are finally married with kids. At 30 I didn’t realise how hectic your life would get however, I’m not sure if it’s the same for other 30-year-olds out there. It’s been very busy but I love being busy and full of energy, it drives me through the tough times or challenges that come along.

When I write to myself again it will be just after I have read this letter, meaning I would be 30 writing to my 60-year-old self! Before doing that I hope that the company has continued to grow at a rapid pace and as for me I would love to have been able to continue inspiring others and hopefully be able to semi-retire at some point. I would also like to have taken the kid to Lapland and Disneyland Florida. But I can’t imagine that just yet. I wonder if I would still be driving round in my dream car or if I would be chasing another dream?

Anyway enjoy and stay well, talk again in the future.


Your Sincerely