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The Most Relaxing Place on Earth

I had often looked at images of the beautiful blue water and white sandy beaches of the Maldives on the internet, but never really thought growing up that it was somewhere I would actually get to visit.

Running your own company and being so young, one of the most relaxing things for me was to actually go home! So, when it came to deciding what to do for my 21st birthday, a trip to my dream destination seemed to good an opportunity to pass.

The business was going well, so I was fortunate enough to fly business class which I knew would all add to the overall experience for the trip.

The big day arrived and we had a good start with Laura managing to get all her stuff into two suitcases. We arrived for our 10 hour flight to the Maldives, we were able to relax ahead of the flight!

Upon arriving in the Maldives, the first thing I noticed was the wall of heat that hit us as soon as we stepped off the plane. The team in the office would have loved to see my face, given my love of aircon! We were taken from the airport to a small harbour where we were greeted by our speedboat driver who would take us to the island we were staying at. I was so excited on the journey out on the boat, and the stunning blue water had matched my every expectation from all those years of looking at pictures on the internet.

The resort was amazing! It had beautiful pools, restaurants and views of the surrounding sea. There was so much to take in, but I wanted to enjoy every minute of it. We were welcomed by the friendly resort staff who offered us drinks and took us too our room.

The room was everything I imagined with views out across the crystal blue sea and our private balcony had steps down into the water. A bath tub and sun loungers were built into the decking and the room itself was enormous.

Aside from water sports there is not much to do, which suited me perfectly as I wanted to just relax and read books. We did a little bit of snorkelling and it was really cool to see all of the tropical fish. There we so many of them. Laura even spotted a group of baby sharks.

The evenings were passed enjoying delicious fresh food, followed by cocktails while lounging on chairs built into sand and surrounded by lanterns – it was heaven!

For the first time in a long time, I was able to completely relax and switch off and I think Laura was grateful for the time with her and not spent continually checking my phone. Reality kicked back in when we landed back in the UK, and the phone started beeping with all the messages and emails. I often steal a quiet moment in the office when things are hectic and wish I was on the white beach islands… maybe one day?