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Weighing out your Business and Personal Time

I for one struggle with weighing out my business and personal time. It’s so easy to get distracted by emails coming through on your phone or messages coming up on your social media. This is something I find very hard to do as I physically don’t stop thinking about business. I’m a business man and work is my hobby, sounds sad I know… but it is. However everyone need that little cut off point from work every now and then.

Now a day’s most people have their work emails linked up to their phones and some also have work social media platforms, giving them alerts when something has been received and then without realising you are replying to emails and posting on social media.

I am writing this blog showing how I share my work and personal time out hopefully giving you some idea of how to adapt yours. However everyone shares their time out differently and you may have a better way that works for you.

When working long hours it can be hard to find the time to see your partner, friends or family. I like to try and find time to see my Nan (Wendy) and Grandad (Stan) as often as I can, by going to their house on a lunch time and having lunch with them. Stan was heavily involved in the business from the start however due to health reasons, he has had to take a back seat. I go up to give regular updates about GripIt and tell him what’s going on, it’s great to see his face when he hears what everyone has been up to.

Even though I live with my fiancé, Laura it’s still hard to spend quality time together like going out etc. rather than staying in, if I know I’m working on the weekend, we will do something in the week like go out for dinner or visit the cinema. However we spend lots of time over the weekends together shopping, eating out and going to see the families (with the occasional reply to work emails). Laura sometimes gets annoyed at me when I’m on my phone replying to emails when we are out but I can understand when I’m meant to be spending time with her.

I tend to go into work early to do a few bits before everyone comes in, this also allows me to get as much done as possible meaning not having to spend time in the evening doing stuff, even though I say this it doesn’t really work, I always look at my emails. I even tried to have 2 phones one for business and one for personal use but this never worked as I just done the same thing on both phones which wasn’t ideal.

But now I have got the hang of splitting my time, I tend to keep weekends free to spend time with Laura, family and friends. Me and Laura have the same friendship group and normally see them together going out for drinks, shopping, food or going on day trips. I see my nan and grandad when I pop in for lunch in the week and my dad normally pops up to GripIt. Sometimes I pop to my dad’s offices in Bristol and work from there giving me no disruptions.

I always like to leave the office with no emails in my inbox, meaning I start the day from fresh every morning.

It’s important to get the work and personal balance right from the start to help control when and what to do at the right times and not forgetting the special things in life.