My Background

A serial entrepreneur

Jordan Daykin is a highly motivated serial entrepreneur with a passion for business and innovation.

Having started his first business at just 12 years of age and having three under his belt before his fourteenth birthday. Jordan is best known for the product “GripIt” which he invented alongside his grandfather back in 2008. Four years later once Jordan had secured patent protection, GripIt launched and within its first year was stocked in over 500 stores.

The youngest entrepreneur
to ever gain investment
Jordan then 18 and looking to take GripIt to the next level he applied for BBC Dragon's Den where he became the youngest entrepreneur to ever gain investment. Having taken GripIt worldwide into over 5,000 stores across 32 countries Jordan began investing in other companies to diversify his portfolio.
A growing portfolio
Jordan regularly appears in the mainstream media and frequently speaks at business events across the country to share his story and inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs.
Alongside overseeing his investment portfolio over the last 18 months Jordan has been offering business consultancy covering anything from business startup all the way through to international expansion / exit strategies.
“I am very fortunate to be in a position where I can do something I enjoy by helping businesses of all different sizes grow and help inventors take their products to market”